Netflix Original: SAFE

NO SPOILERS – Brief synopsis. 

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 74%

My Rating: 7/10

1 Season, 8 Episodes. All available to stream on Netflix.

Safe is a Netflix Original drama/thriller show based in the UK. The show itself works well in its given genre. It makes you question every character and everything that’s going on.. but in a good way. Michael C. Hall (from Dexter) acts as the main character, Tom, looking for his missing daughter. Along the way he uncovers a shed load more than he probably anticipated, making it way more interesting for us. Without making it too obvious, the show drops in little hints here and there as to what might happen, giving you that ‘ooh I see’ feeling at the end. It’s interesting to see Hall a little bit out of his comfort zone, it makes the situation he’s in seem that bit more real. The one thing that caught me is that constant need for more when one episode finished. I had to know what each cliffhanger meant and where they’re taking the season. Personally, that’s the feeling I get when i’m really enjoying a series so that’s nothing but a good sign. They had me hooked. Although gripping, it’s story line can boarder extreme especially since there’s so many twists and turns… it can be quite tiresome. Although it’s extreme nature can take you away from any sense of reality, it really was entertaining to watch.

I would definitely recommend giving it a watch, especially if this is the kind of genre you’re into. As a personal opinion, It did get a bit over the top for me at times but that didn’t seem to stop me watching. Even though extreme, I think you’ll find yourselves faced with the need to know what’ll happen next. Overall, I did thoroughly enjoy the season and would love to see another one if it’s in the works. It is worth the time especially if you love a good mysterious drama.

Hope you enjoyed the first substantial blog and if you have any comments about content or structure, please let me know. I’ll see you on Monday for another review.

See you there,



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