Depop v Mercari : Battle of the selling apps

Depop: 4/10 – Account: jessj1996

Mercari: 7/10 – Account: johnoo_96

I started Mercari 8 days a go and I’m already getting a feel for it. It’s easy to navigate and has a good principle. It still has some flaws but what app doesn’t really?

I’ve been using depop on and off for approx. 3 years now. Nearly once every year I wanted to start fresh and rather than deleting everything 1 by 1 I would just start a new account. It’s a good app, it helps you get money by selling your old stuff or helps you buy things cheaper than usual. But is it really that good…

Yes it does do what’s on the tin, let’s you sell and buy old unused items, but it’s not always efficient. Without a following it’s difficult to get anything sold. I had to follow 2000+ people to even get a follow back and a sale at all. Since September 2017 I’ve only sold 12 items which really isn’t a lot considering I use to post new items quite often. This isn’t the issue with Mercari, a following really doesn’t matter. I have 17 followers on the app and have sold 8 items in the past week, which to me is crazy. I think it’s principle of no seller fee’s is what’s been needed and the fact that the app makes offers to buy your items is a really cool feature too. Although their offers are usually crazy low, it’s quite good if you need stuff gone. The only issue with Mercari I think is that the money you get when selling something doesn’t go into a PayPal account or your bank just stays in the app and takes 3 days to reach your bank when withdrawn. If you need money that day, this app wouldn’t really help you too much. Other than that it offers a lot more than Depop does. Both apps offer you selling tips and tricks but it doesn’t mean they’ll actually work.

Depop is really common for time wasters. People will act like they’re interested and then you’ll never hear from them again. Mercari hasn’t offered me this problem yet. People can send you offers which you can either accept or decline. This concept seems to have really drawn away the time wasting as I’ve had multiple offers but never anyone ignore me after making one.

If you’re good at taking photos then I think you’ve got a good shot on each apps. If not then you’re better off on Mercari as it doesn’t seem to be a massive issue. Really though the figures speak for themselves, 8 days on Mercari and 8 sales made compared to 9 months on Depop and only 12 sales.

I hope that helps you guys in deciding which app may benefit you. I’ll make an updated review on Mercari after I’ve spent a few more months on there. Come back on Wednesday for another review.

See you there,



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