Obsession Beauty: Warm Up Eyeshadow Palette Review.

RRP: £5

My Rating: 8/10

Info: 8 eyeshadows for £5. 3 shimmers and 6 mattes. Can be bought at Boots or online at Revolution Beauty (revolutionbeauty.com). Each shadow comes with 1.6g of product and are cruelty free and vegan!

The colour scheme is what really made me want this gorg looking palette! I’m a sucker for the natural shades as it creates endless looks and this scheme was no exception. Not only was crave the perfect transition shade to make blending easier but it offered more than just browns and a black like most neutral palettes. This and the price tag really caught my eye.

First I did a swatch test before buying and I definitely liked what I saw! All of the shades were creamy and pigmented when swatched and went on like a dream. The only shade that felt different from the rest was noise which felt slightly chunkier than the others. Even on the swatch you can see chunkier residue than the others. If anything that shade was the only issue they possibly had. I was scared as soon as it got on the lid it would chunk together and look nasty. When looking at it closer I think it could just be a more glittery formula rather than shimmery.

After buying the palette I did my own eye look with it and was very impressed. For £5 I am more than happy with the quality of the palette. I used the shades Jump and Power on the crease. Jump worked unbelievably well for a transition shade and blended like a dream. Power was a beautiful formula but was coloured completely different then shown in the pan. In the pan it looks like a brick red but when layered on to the eye it’s just a deeper version of Jump. With this eye look that worked well but I can’t say it’s a good thing that’s it’s completely different then in the pan. Then after cutting the crease Witt concealer I added the shade Prize on top of the lid. Honestly, it’s one of the most pigmented and creamiest shimmer shades I’ve ever used. I hate using a brush to apply shimmers, it never works right for me so this is kind of pigment I got from using my fingers which I always do so I’m very impressed. The quality to this shade is very similar to that of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette shimmers. I then used the shade Twist to add a bit of a deeper tone around the edge which worked like the other mattes but not quite as pigmented. It worked and it wasn’t patchy and wasn’t crazy pigmented where you’d have to put a lot of work into blending. I still enjoyed the shade though.

Overall I would love to try all the other palettes and make up products they offer. The single eyeshadows they sell looking very pleasing and are definitely on my list. They sell magnetic palettes to put them in too so that’s a bonus! (I’ll post a picture of a few down below).

All the above shades are currently on offer on boots.com as 3 for 2 or a free eyeshadow palette when you buy 6 or more selected shades.

Hope you enjoyed this review, I’ll be back on Wednesday for another.

See you there,



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