My Holiday: Torremolinos

A place I’ve been before but happy I went again. Not only is the Costa del sol a beautiful area in South Spain but there’s an overwhelming amount of exploring and stuff to do.

Let’s start with the important part… the food. Along the main beach strip of Torremolinos all you see is restaurants after restaurants. There’s so much choice you’ll never go hungry. Of course most places have a fish filled menu but all have options. There’s a range of Irish pubs you can watch UK sports at and drink some Guinness like The All Blacks (a popular one). There’s also many you can get a proper full english breakfast from, my favourite being Tudor Rose. I had one of the best pizza’s of my life at a little Italian called Ciao Bella (pictured below). Honestly whatever you want they have it so you’ll never go short.

We rented a car from Tony’s Rent-a-car which was cheap (150€ for the week) and made life a whole lot easier. We ended up in Fuengirola a lot of the time for places like Sea Life and the Bioparc (pictures below) which were both equally entertaining and good for adults and families too. Both were quite well priced with Sea Life only being 16€ each and the Bioparc at around 20€ each for entry. The Bioparc was much bigger than expected and has so much to offer then it lets on. Sea life was quite difficult to park at but Bioparc had a car park right next to it that we only payed 3.60€ for whilst there the whole time. I also got to see a hippo for the first time there so that was pretty cool.

Our hotel was just a 5 minute drive from Aqualand water park which was amazing fun! So much to do and definitely an all day outing. 27€ each for entry plus extra for lockers so I can be quite expensive. There’s fast-pass which is 12€ extra which I’d say is well worth getting as we barely had to wait in any of the queues. The food and drink there is so expensive it’s a joke, one can of monster cost 5€… I would definitely take your own. It was well worth the money though except for the sunburn we got from walking around all day.

It’s overall just a beautiful place to be and it was the relaxation I needed from everyday life. The sea perfectly blue nothing like the dark brown waters of the UK. There’s so much shopping you won’t see a cent of your money but what else is holiday for. If you go I 100% recommend renting a car, it’s a weight lifted knowing you don’t have to take public transport everywhere. Below are some generic pictures, I hope they do it justice.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back with another post reviewing The Incredibles 2 tomorrow.

See you then,



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