Story time: I finally got lip fillers!

Kylie Jenner is shaking.

So, a bit of background. I’ve always had quite a small top lip. It wasn’t making me self-conscious but I didn’t like it. I never had any intentions of getting lip fillers until I saw how amazing Kylie Jenner’s looked. I loved them, no I didn’t want them that big but I knew I wanted them for sure. This must have been since I was 18 y/o. It’s been 3 years since and It’s finally happened.


I went to my usual aesthetics lady – Alex Filson Aesthetics (I’ll link her socials below).  I got 1ml of Revolax, which is a cheaper alternative to filler but just as effective. It cost me £150 which was one of the cheapest I had seen anyway. I was booked in for the 2nd July and was completely nervous.


Alex is 100% professional so from the start she made me very comfortable, and I was very nervous. When me and my friend arrived she started us off with some numbing cream. This resulted in some hilarious photos being taken between me and my friend and a whole lot of ‘wtf’ laughing. My friend then went first to get her’s done which calmed my nerves a bit knowing I was numbing for longer. I also got to see how she did it and where the needles went etc. Then it was my turn. I was so nervous but like I said earlier, Alex was amazing at making sure I knew what was happening and that I felt okay with what was going on. It did hurt, but it was bearable. Once she went over one section and went back to it the pain was fully gone. The worst parts were the cupids bow and the centre of the bottom lip. But it wasn’t anything excessive, I would definitely undergo the pain again.


I am in love with how they turned out. I’m so in love i’m tempted to get them topped up already with 0.5ml. She did the best job, got them exactly how I wanted them and to tell you the truth… I miss the swelling so bad. Below is a before and after picture Alex posted on her Instagram account.

Here’s a picture 4 days after getting them done. You can see the swelling has gone down but can see they’re still prominently bigger and look tidy.


If I was to give any advice when getting lips done it would be this.

  1. Go to someone you trust. You don’t want to have the additional worry of if it’ll go wrong as well as the general worry to. If you go to someone you trust or has good feedback then you know all should go smoothly.
  2. Don’t panic about the pain. I have a strong fear for needles but once I was in the moment I don’t know what the hell I was all caught up about.
  3. EMBRACE THE SWELLING. This is my biggest bit of advice. I miss how they looked all swelled up and plump. Don’t get me wrong I love the way they loo now but god I miss how big they were. Don’t be afraid of the swelling, just enjoy it whilst its there.
  4. Don’t drink alcohol before your appointment. This one was some advice Alex gave me before my appointment. Alcohol thins your blood so leaves more opportunity for bruising and a murder scene once its done.

I hope you enjoyed my little story time and there will be more to come soon. Make sure you take a look at Alex’s socials to see the great work she’s done and still doing now. I recommend her for anything face related whether that be injections or just overall skincare. She’s incredible.

See you in the next one,


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