The Fox Tan: Tan Accelerator – best tan I’ve ever had?

Now it’s no miracle worker, but good god it works. Unfortunately I don’t have any before and after pics so this is more of a story time.


I bought this back in May ready to take on my holiday. I bought a 3 pack for £39. It came with the Rapid Elixir, Rapid Mist and Suntan Sealer. Now for the size of these bottles, I was quite impressed with £39 for 3. I paid barely anything for delivery, which was another shocker considering it was coming from Australia, and it came unbelievably quick. I expected a 3-4 week wait and I only waited about 6 days. So already, I was beyond impressed by the service. The site itself was really easy to use and no issues regarding that.


Generally, I’m very pale and struggle to tan. I do eventually get a slight tan but nothing that I’m ever happy with. I wanted to try something new in my tanning to see if it’ll make a difference and considering this was well priced, I thought why not. I went on holiday start of July so back in May when purchased, it was my intention using it for then. I still have a lot left so plan to continue using it on sun beds.


When it arrived it came in a lovely little pouch that fit all 3 products in. The packaging all round is very aesthetically pleasing and very summery. Each container comes with instructions on what order to use them in on the back. It also tells you what each one does and the benefits of them. When actually applying the products I found all 3 very comfortable on the skin. None where sticky or greasy and didn’t take too long to dry. The only downfall I found was that the Rapid Elixir irritated some areas of my legs a little. This was nothing major and went down after at least 10 minutes, but did happen. I have quite sensitive skin so this would be why, so just a warning to all the girls and boys out there with similar skin.


For me personally, it did work. Nothing spectacular happened but I did tan a lot quicker than I usually would and it’s darker than it has been in the past. I would 100% buy it again for a holiday and I’m going to continue using it on sun beds. In the adverts, the women are like 7 shades darker than they once were. This just isn’t realistic but maybe it does work better for people who tan easier.

If you’ve used it, let me know what you thought about it in the comments.

See you in the next one,


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Photos are from google and fox tan website.


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