New Makeup – A Haul and Review.

My most recent buys are stuff I’ve either tried in the past or are brand new. I’ve worn all of these quite recently in the picture below:

1. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil – Shade 3.5.

I really enjoyed using this brow pencil and will definitely purchase again when it runs out. It’s great for defining and filling in as it has an angled pencil. It comes double ended with a brush. It’s also very pigmented so I don’t think I’ll be using a lot of product any time soon.

You can buy it from Benefits Website for £20.50.

2. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Shade ‘Shell’.

Now this isn’t exactly a brand new purchase as this is my favourite all time foundation. But mine ran out a while a go so it was about time I got a new one! The formula, the colour, honestly everything about this I love. It’s very full coverage and can cover all kind of sins! I love that they’ve recently introduced a pump so now there’s no pouring it all over your hand and wasting loads of product.

You can buy it from the Estée Lauder Website for £33.50.

3. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

I love the way this sets my make up in place. It gives me a lovely dewy, natural finish as well as holding it all in place. This one is only a mini size as I wanted to test it out before buying the full size one.

You can buy it at the Urban Decay Website full size for £24.

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Full Coverage Concealer – Lightest Shade.

Now I’ve used Urban Decay concealers before but not this one. This one definitely has better coverage than the others and reacts better with the Estée Lauder foundation too. It blends like a dream and is a lovely colour. The only problem I have is that the wand is far too small. It doesn’t bring out enough product so your dipping loads to get enough.

You can buy it on the Urban Decay Website for £20.

5. Urban Decay Cream Vice Lipstick – Shade ‘Insanity’.

Absolutely in love with the formula and plan on buying loads more shades! Not only is it pigmented and creamy but it’s so long lasting for a cream formula and incredibly comfortable to wear. The shade itself is the perfect nude for light skin tones and would definitely recommend as a must have!

You can buy it on the Urban Decay Website for £16.50 per lipstick.

That’s my most recent makeup haul. I have a big list of wanted makeup coming soon and maybe a haul to follow (if I can’t control myself). Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought about them.

See you in the next one,


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7 thoughts on “New Makeup – A Haul and Review.

  1. I love a good haul blog and I love Urban Decay so I have really enjoyed reading this. I’ve also been wondering whether or not to purchase the Estee Lauder foundation for some time now as its a bit on the pricier side, so good to get another opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you love☺️ honestly if you like a full coverage foundation I would definitely recommend. The best part is because it’s so full coverage you don’t have to use that much so the price doesn’t effect you often!

      Liked by 1 person

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