My Blog Goals.

It’s took a long time to realise that if I want something… I’m the only one who can go out and get it.

Not only have I set myself goals for my blog but I’ve also gotten organised so I can achieve them. I’ve decided it’s time to get out and do exactly what I want to.


I got myself a planner to organise what I want to post and when I want to post it. Before this I just started loads of drafts to try and establish some kind of plan… it didn’t work well. In my planner I’m now noting idea’s, what will be involved, new layouts and when I want to post it all. So far I’ve seen a massive improvement in my confidence towards my blog and in myself too. Organisation is a massive key to feeling grounded about something.


I’ve recently made multiple purchases to really upgrade my content. Mainly relating to images rather than writing. Images are a massive part of blogs and how we view them so I’ve decided to put a lot more time into them. Below you can see two pictures the first unedited, the second edited.

Although the first is still not a bad pictures, I found the second much more aesthetically pleasing and would much rather see that on a post. This is the upgrade I’m working on with my content also natural lighting is a big key to pictures.

My main Goal.

My goal of August is one I’m not taking lightly and one I’m definitely sure of.

In July, I got 248 views on my blog as a whole. In August I want to double that number. Now I don’t think this is unreasonable adding in everything I mentioned above. My blog is important to me and I want to inspire as many of you as possible. I want to continue to share my hopes with you in the slight chance someone can relate.

The past few months have increased my love for this blog so I hope you guys will love it just as much as I do.

See you in the next one,


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