University Tips and Tricks.

I’m now officially a University Law Graduate and like many students, I have my uni regrets. In this post I’m going to go through my tips and tricks to survive in uni as well as what I wish I learnt along the way.


This one is the biggest piece of advice I could give you. There’s nothing I regret more than saying ‘I could miss this lecture because it’s not that important’ … WRONG! It may not be, but that’s how you get the extra info to get the top grades. I missed tons of seminars and lectures which 100% affected my final grade. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, get your moneys worth and go to every scheduled lecture and seminar.

2. Buy the books your advised to… and more!

The books the lecturers normally suggest have the best info and resources for coursework and the exams. They wouldn’t suggest something that wasn’t relevant! This is where I went right with uni. I did this every year and didn’t regret it once. Not only did I buy what they suggested but I bought revision guides and used the library resources.

3. If you need help.. Ask for it.

There’s nothing embarrassing about asking for help. It’s natural, we all need help every now and then. If you’re stuck on a topic or module ask about it. You won’t get anywhere by struggling. Help yourself out by asking for help.

4. Engage in lectures/seminars.

This one can be quite daunting but don’t let it be. One of the best ways to learn is by answering the lecturers questions and actually engaging… that way you know you’re actually listening and paying attention to the content. Also you could learn a lot from other students answers too.

5. Use your 1st year as a test year.

Your 1st year is the perfect time to find out your strengths. Learn your most productive way to revise, the best way to plan a coursework, how much time you need to take a day to look back at content. Your 1st year either doesn’t count to final grade at all or is the bare minimum so it’s better to know sooner than later (when it’s possibly too late).

6. Don’t live up to anyone else’s expectations.

You are you. Just because someone got one grade and you got another does not define either one of you. Everyone goes through different journeys throughout education and you need to remain humble and respectful at all costs. Go to university for yourself, no one else. Even if your parents are incredibly proud, it’s not for them. This is your life and your education, it has to be your story.

These are my main tips and tricks for uni, if you want to see a revision tips and tricks let me know in the comments. University was a challenging yet rewarding adventure in my life and I wish anyone who goes through the same journey the best of luck.

See you in the next one,



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