My Etsy Wishlist.

I’ve only recently discovered the amazing app that is Etsy. I’m obsessed. A lot of the stuff is insanely over priced but gathers a lot of inspiration. But these are the current items in my basket.

1. Marble & Rose Gold Jars – by Pina Colada Crafts

I think these are a gorgeous little piece! You can use them as storage or even decoration, they’re just stunning. Price starts at £7.99 for the 8oz, £8.99 for regular 16oz, £9.49 for wide 16oz, to £10.99 for the vase. None of the prices are extreme and I would pay for the design.

You can buy them here.

2. Pink Agate Coasters with Rose Gold – by Caris Green

I think these are just to die for! The stunning colour can give any room a bit of pop as well as class from the rose gold. These are, however, very pricey. £10 per slice making the set of 4 £40!! From the look of them though, this kind of price is to be expected.

You can buy them here.

3. Celestial Constellation Necklace – by Potionnumber9

I absolutely adore how delicate the necklace looks. I think it’s so sweet and girly I just have to have😍! Mine would be Sagittarius and I love the way that constellation looks. For the 18inch chain (as shown on model), it’s priced at £25.91.

You can buy them here.

4. Set of 6 Travel Prints in White – by Lovely Posters

This set of 6 come in both Black and White with different coloured foil prints on them too. The set prices start from £47.78 depending on size which approximately £8 per print – not a bad price at all! I think they’re so cute and really want them for my room once it’s redone.

You can buy it here.

5. ‘The Future is Female’ T-Shirt Slogan Top – by SuperPrintShop

I absolutely love this t-shirt. It’s so simple but inspiring and who doesn’t love a good slogan tee?! I love these kind of tee’s paired with some high waisted jeans and a belt! So, can’t wait to purchase!

You can buy it here.

That ends my list, I’m sure there’s 10,000 more things that I want but I definitely can’t afford to look! Etsy can be quite expensive but it’s amazing for them one off, unique items that look amazing. I found that the home decor is the best, but it has amazing little bits everywhere else.

See you in the next one,


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7 thoughts on “My Etsy Wishlist.

    1. Get out! How amazing! I think they’re so beautiful, re-doing my bedroom right now and they’re top of my list when it’s done. Love the necklace, so simple but effective 😍😍 thank you for the comment 😘 x

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