My Makeup Wishlist.

I dare share even half my list with you guys, that would be unfair. So instead, I’ll share at least 5 out of the 500 products that are currently in my Wishlist. With me currently redoing my bedroom, I don’t have the disposable income to buy makeup right now. With all the new releases, I thought i’d share what i’m dying to buy and what I will be buying once my rooms sorted out.

1. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Tarte Website.


I know this isn’t a new release, but I’ve been desperate for this for a long time. At first I was reluctant to buy because of the customs charge. Now, they’ve updated their website and it’s now in GBP too. This gives me hope that I won’t be paying these charges. From the reviews I’ve seen, this is a holy grail for so many beauty guru’s and i’m so desperate to try. Apparently, it’s super full coverage and doesn’t crease and i’m yet to find a concealer that I love that does both of these things. Their shade range looks quite good and that impresses me. Nothing annoys me more than a low amount of shades.

RRP – £22 (not bad for a high end concealer).

2. Kylie Cosmetics Matte/Creme Lipsticks – Kylie Cosmetics Website.


I’m one of the people that actually LOVES Kylie Cosmetics. I already have 3 Lipkits and a Gloss and I love them. Her lipsticks though, look like a whole other ball game. From the reviews I’ve seen these are meant to be insanely pigmented and comfortable to wear. The colour range is actually incredible, I am going to be super poor after buying these. The colours i’m interested in are TangerineMiami and Boss. They retail for about $17 each which is quite similar (if cheaper) to a MAC lipstick so not too bad.

RRP – $17

3. Benefit BADGal Lash Mascara – Benefit Website


I’ve only ever tried ‘They’re Real’ mascara from Benefit. But this looks out of this world. From what I’ve seen this is really good at holding shape in your lashes which is exactly what I need. My lashes are straight and when I curl them they just go straight back down. I’m looking for a mascara that can hold that curl. From reviews I’ve seen, this ones quite good in doing so. If you guys have anymore suggestions for good mascara, let me know in the comments.

RRP – £21.50 (very pricey).

4. Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palettes (ANY) – Juvia’s Place Website.


I mean… Come on. Just look at these palettes. They are stunning. I know so many beauty guru’s live by these palettes and i’m nowhere near surprised. I would be happy buying any of their palettes. From what I’ve seen, the pigmentation is at the best quality. If this is all true, then can we talk about the price point?!?! $25 is the most expensive price point for these palettes and that’s just mental. I bought ABH Modern Renaissance for £46 for the same amount of shades. That’s £21 more just for the name. I would pay more for these palettes but yet they’re so cheap. Cannot wait to try them.

RRP – £20-£25

5. Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation – Cult Beauty Website.


I’ve heard a lot about this foundation and I’m a sucker for full coverage. When I think of the formula and coverage, I want it so badly. BUT… they have 23 shades, which is not bad but not amazing either. This is one thing that’s put me off buying so far. There only seems to be around 5 shades for darker skin tones which really annoys me. I know i’ll be fine when buying foundation as i’m always the one lightest shade (pale af) but for women of colour, brands are struggling to be inclusive with the amount of shades they offer and it’s just not right. Although 23 isn’t too bad of a number, Fenty Beauty released 40 shades. Nearly double the amount. I’m not keen on buying an item that isn’t inclusive to everyone, especially when it can be. So although this is on my wishlist, this is what’s stopped me from buying so far.

RRP – £32

I hope you enjoyed reading through my makeup wishlist. When I get a chance to purchase any of the makeup I want i’ll be sure to upload a haul and review them for you. Leave me a comment if you have a makeup wishlist and what’s on yours.

See you in the next one,


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