New Clothes and Accessories Haul.

It’s that time of month again.. payday. It’s when the hard earned money you’ve earned from the month lasts for approximately 1 week. I already had a check out full of stuff on New Looks Website so going into the shop probably wasn’t the best idea. But, oh well! Instead of getting the stuff in my basket I decided to take a wander round the store.

All the item I bought today were from New Look and my total came to around £52. I needed an upgrade for Autumn and I’m so happy with what I got!

Here’s what I got and the details:

Mini red backpack 🎒

Ok so I’m in love with the colour red. At the moment it’s all I wear and I’m so excited to incorporate it more into my Fall wardrobe.

This piece was £19.99 and can be bought in stores. It’s currently out of stock online but the black one can be bought Here.

Black and Leopard purse.

So my current purse is much too big to fit into my new sweet little backpack so of course I had to get a new one! I love animal print especially with the red and especially for Autumn.

The purse was £7.99 and can be bought Online here.

Gold Astrology Necklace (Sagittarius).

I think this is my favourite out of them all! I absolutely adore simple jewellery pieces, I think they make just as much of a statement. I love all star sign related jewellery, it’s such a personal touch without it being too much.

This was £4.99 and you can get it Online here.

Trio Scrunchie Set (red, yellow & black).

Love scrunchies and love the colours! Honestly can’t wait to wear the red, I think it’ll look amazing in comparison to my blonde hair.

These were £3.99 for a trio and can be bought in stores.

Chenille Small Jumper in Camel.

Absolutely loved this as soon as I saw it. It’s super soft and fits perfectly will a little bit of an oversized feel to it!

It was £15.99 and can be bought Online here.

Peach Ring Crystal Necklace.

Again I love simple necklaces, I loved the colouring in this one. I’m really into gold at the minute as well so definitely couldn’t say no to this one.

The necklace was only £3.99 and can be bought Online here.

Leopard Print headband.

Last but not least. Love a good headband and really into the animal prints at the min so this was perfect.

This was only £4.99 and can be bought Online here.

So that’s it for my little haul, of course payday always means new clothes so I’m sure there’ll be another next month.

See you on Monday for our next Photography Post.

See you in the next one,


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