Alton Towers: Photography Post.

Monday again. Time for another photography post.

Alton Towers is a funny one for me. I love the rides, but some times I don’t. Thursday was a half and half day for me, I went on some but others… hell no.

Either way there’s so much more to it than the rides. The gardens there are just incredible and rightly so considering they spent billions of pounds developing them.

I didn’t really get chance to capture a lot of the park, it was a really busy day so sorry for that but I was in love with what I did get.

that’s it for this weeks Monday Photography Post. Not too many pictures this week but a lot more next week.

See you in the next one,


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2 thoughts on “Alton Towers: Photography Post.

  1. When I recently went to Alton Towers over a weekend, we spent almost a full day exploring the gardens and they are breathtaking it’s nice to see someone else appreciating them! I think I enjoyed it more than the rides, in the end. Your pictures are beautiful😊

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