Hello September: This Months Goals.

August was such a weird month. I didn’t really accomplish any of my goals, but weirdly enough, that hasn’t really bothered me. This month I’ve set myself some goals, both personal and blog related that I’m certain I’m going to hit. 🍂 Hit 1000 followers on Instagram. This one doesn’t seem too unreasonable considering I’m […]

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Beach Day: Photography Post.

Considering the UK hasn’t given us a spot of sun for a good month now, we decided to go to the beach anyway. It was a lovely bank holiday (as in not raining) and had to take advantage of it. We went to New Brighton beach, had a look a long the promenade as well […]

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Q&A Post.

So it’s about time you guys got to know me a little bit. I asked on my twitter (@ReviewThon) for followers to ask me questions they would like to know the answer to and here they are. I’ve left their twitter accounts here so be sure to give them a follow. Let’s go. Questions from […]

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